An OER Write document can be exported to PDF.

Export to PDF:

  1. Open the relevant document.
  2. Open the right sidebar by clicking the button with 3 dots.
  3. Click on "Standard PDF" or "Annotated PDF".

See 1. Export to (Annotated) PDF


  • A standard PDF always has the watermark 'draft', except in the last workflow step.
  • Put the document in the LAST workflow step to finalize the document and remove this text.

See 2. Example of a document with and without "concept" watermark 


  • The markup in the annotated (!) PDF indicates which texts can be edited by writers in the document.
  • The remaining text can only be edited in the template that the document is based on.
  • An annotated PDF always has "concept" as a watermark on the pages.

See 3. Example of a annotated PDF

1. Export to (annotated) PDF

2. Example of a document with and without "concept watermark

3. Example of an annotated PDF