Create new template

  1. On the top of the main navigation bar, click 'Templates';
  2. On the right side of the screen, click '+ New template';
  3. On the next screen, you can fill in all the data needed to create a new template. The fields with the red stars are required fields.

  • Name: Give the template a name
  • Academic year: Specify the academic year for the document YYYY-YYY, for example, 2016-2017
  • Language: Select the language in which the document will be written
  • SDtyle: Select the style of the document that will be linked to it
  • Document type: Select the document type here

Advanced settings:

  • Include front page: turn on this setting to show the front page in the document
  • Include a table of contents: enable this setting to show the table of contents in the document 
  • Show header on every page: turn this setting on to show the header on every page in the document.
  • Show footer on every page: turn this setting on to show the footer on every page in the document. Both the header and footer can be set in the document under the document settings.
  • Allow users to create additional attachments in documents: this gives the document writers the ability to add new attachments to the document.
  • Show hidden elements: when an element has been filtered out of the document, this setting will show a text indicating that the element has been filtered out.
  • Automatically archive: select the date on which the template with all documents will be automatically archived

Then click continue to create the template. See this article to set up the template: Template ontwerpen