Importing the document is done according to a few rules. When the document is organized in the right way, the chance of importing errors is decreased.

In Word, there is the possibility to give the document a structure by using headings. These headings range from Heading 1 to Heading 9 in Word. Our application looks for these headings to create the correct template structure:

Heading 1 -> Chapter

Heading 2 -> Paragraph

Heading 3 -> Sub-Paragraph

Heading 4 -> Sub-Sub-Paragraph

If the Word document is structured in this way, our application will adopt it correctly. All other elements (text, tables, lists, and images) will be imported automatically. During the import, it is also possible to automatically create smart fields. This is how you do it: 

[ smart field name | description ] 

It is important that the smart field has two square brackets [ ] and the name and description are separated by a '|'.

It is important to note that with an import 

  • There is no attachment
  • All content before the first header 1 will not be copied (there is no chapter to place this in)

There is a test document that is set up according to the above-mentioned rules below here.