Once you have created a new template, you can use the default workflow in OER Write.

You can also choose to modify the workflow to your own liking. If you have a specific writing process or organizational process within your organization, you can set it up at the template level in OER Write. Keep in mind that workflows can only be set up at the template level and not at the document level. The workflow is ultimately used at the document level.

Step-by-step plan

To create a new or edit an existing workflow you can use these steps to take, edit or add to a workflow:

  1. Go to the template
  2. Click on 'Workflow' in the right sidebar (click on the three dots)
  3. Click on 'New Status' to add a new status. Give the status a name and a color, this is how the status will show up in the document.
    • Read-only: with this setting on, no changes can be made to the content of the document while in this step
    • Notification on entry: select a user who will receive a notification (in the application and via mail) when documents of this template are moved to this status.
    • Exit notification: the same as the entry notification but now when exiting the step.
    • Deadline: set the deadline for this step.
  4. Use the arrow icon on the left of the step to order the workflow steps.