Workflow usage in documents

At the template level, the structure of the workflow is determined. At the document level, you actually start using the workflow. Depending on the workflow status, you can "write" or "read-only" in the document. You can see from the status - next to the name of the status - if it is 'read only'.


  • Everyone who is a commentator or writer, linked to the document, can change the status. All Writers and Administrators can change the statuses as well.
  • In addition, there is no order in the statuses, users are free to select the status as desired.
  • You can only go to the last workflow step when all elements are checked off. You can see this by (1) the progress bar next to the workflow status and (2) by the round balls next to the chapters. These indicate that there are still elements that have not yet been checked off. You can check these off by clicking on the round ball next to the element, this will then turn green indicating that the element has been checked off. You may need to save the textbox itself before checking it off.
  • The concept text over the exported PDF will disappear when the document is in the final workflow step.

Workflow step

To change the status of a document, you need to take the following steps:

  1. Go to 'Documents' in OER Write and select the document;
  2. Click on the current workflow step ('Write' in the screenshot).
  3. Select the status in the workflow you want to apply and click activate.
  4. Click 'save' to make the change.