All documents live in a folder structure that can be seen under the 'Documents' heading in the navigation bar.

Users & Permissions

  • When you open the documents dashboard, you will see all the documents that you have the appropriate permissions for.
  • Each user only has access to the documents and folders they have the appropriate permissions for.
  • Click on the 'users' icon or 'invite new user' to add users to the folder.
  • By clicking on the round avatar, you can see which users have access to the folder. Note that these can also be users of parent folders.
  • You can find more information about users and permissions here.


  • By clicking on 'Filter' you can search in all existing and deleted documents. You can filter by:
    • Document name;
    • Documents with a specific template;
    • Document status. 'Active' = the documents that are not in the latest workflow status. 'Completed' = all the documents that are in the last workflow status;
    • Showing archived documents.


  • Click on the name of the folder to open all documents in that folder.
  • Click on the + icon next to the folder to create a new folder. This will be placed in the folder where you clicked on +. 
  • You can move folders by clicking and holding them with your mouse, you can then drag the folder to the desired location. Note that all documents in the folder will be included.

Document overview

  1. Here you can see which folder is open. By clicking on these folder names the folder will be opened.
  2. Click on the link icon to copy the url to this folder to your clipboard
  3. Click on the 3 dots to change the folder name and to delete the folder, among other things.
  4. Here you can see which users have access to this folder. For more info on rights see the heading 'Users & Rights' at the top.
  5. Create new document. See this article for more information.
  6. The name of the document. You can sort it alphabetically (A-Z and Z-A) by clicking on it.
  7. The name of the template.
  8. When the document was last modified. You can sort alphabetically (A-Z and Z-A) by clicking on it.
  9. This column shows the amount of unresolved responses the document has.
  10. This indicates the workflow status of the document. Read more about using workflows in this article.
  11. The progress bar indicates how many of the required tasks have been completed. 
  12. The deadline for the activated workflow.
  13. At 'Actions' (the icon with the three dots) you have the following options:
    • Document properties of the document.
    • Duplicate the document.
    • Archive of the document.
    • Delete the document.

Note: Depending on your permissions you may not be able to perform some actions.